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Hi, I'm Nick.

I'm a web developer.

A little bit about me

I recently received a certificate in Full Stack Web Development from Vanderbilt University Coding Bootcamp. During the course, I learned to develop projects in groups, delegate tasks, and meet deadlines. I acquired skills in both front and back-end technologies, learned languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, frameworks like React and Express, and databases like MySQL and MongoDB.

Since completing the course, I have created web apps for multiple small businesses, including a customer-facing site for an automotive company and an administrative dashboard with database and API integrations for an engineering firm. These experiences have taught me how to effectively communicate with clients to create applications that serve their needs.

My undergraduate degree in journalism gives me a unique skill set and perspective in the workplace. I understand the value of clearly communicating expectations and meeting critical deadlines, and the importance of establishing strong relationships in order to achieve business goals.

Outside of web development, I love comedy, basketball, and playing music. Let's hang out, jam, and watch a Grizzlies game sometime.

Further down this page, you'll see some of the projects that I've worked on. If you would like to view my resume, I've provided a link to download it below. Feel free to contact me using the other links that I've provided if you want to know anything else!

Some of my projects

GitHub Directory

GitHub Directory Web App

GitHub user directory.

Created using: React, custom UI, Netlify serverless functions, OctoKit (GitHub SDK)

Moore Miles Automotive

Moore Miles Automotive Repair website

Official website of Moore Miles Automotive Repair.

Created using: React, React-Router, custom UI, SCSS, Netlify

Justin And Megan's Wedding Site

Megan and Justin's Wedding Site

Website containing information for wedding invitees.

Created using: Gatsby, custom CSS

The Game Of Prompts

The Game Of Prompts

Multiplayer promt-based party game.

Created using: React, Redux, Express, Node, MongoDB



Multi-user, AirBnB-like app for renting garage space.

Created using: Node, Express, JavaScript/JQuery, Handlebars, Bootstrap


Reel Stream

Allows users to find information about their favorite movies.

Created using: Javascript/JQuery, MaterializeCSS, YouTube API, OMDB API, TMDB API